Friday, September 4, 2015

September Song

Sunflower on black
The Summer of 2015 is almost gone, just another 15 days or so until the Fall Equinox and I feel as if I've lost the whole season. For most of the Summer, I've been off my feet, reclining in my Barcalounger, hoping against hope to keep all my toes intact. Alas, it was not to be, and eventually I agreed to the inevitable and had the middle toe of my left foot amputated.  That seems to have stopped the infection that was threatening to take my whole foot, and so, it is with some measure of relief that I no longer have a walking cast on my foot and am able to take showers again without putting my foot and ankle in a plastic sleeve.

Early in the season, I found three packets of sunflower seeds from years gone by (many years gone by), and in a spirit of hope I planted the seeds in my new flower bed--the one where I also planted some twelve day lilies and now four bearded iris plants. The seeds were so old, I had no real hope of them germinating, but lo, ten did.  They have just now begun to bloom, even though the stalks tower over me and have for several weeks.  As of this morning, ten stalks have grown up from the three packets of seeds, and four are now in full bloom, with color showing on a fifth.  I have no doubt that the remaining five will also burst forth into their glory, if the frost holds off long enough.

Sunflowers, like dandelions, always seem so cheerful to me.  Perhaps it's just that I associate that bright yellow with happiness.  The photo above, showing the first flower to bloom, is deliberately placed on a black background as it represents to me the ultimate triumph over the despair I have felt so strongly this Summer.  This, too, shall pass, as we're told, and I will regain my strength and will to live.


The past few days I've been working on my library, clearing out the boxes from the closet and putting up shelves where I could empty those boxes.  This has also allowed me to continue on with my project of organizing the library, as it is now easier to get to all those books that were still packed away.  I'm also going through boxes of old papers and throwing a lot of stuff away.  Do I really need checking statements from 1998, for instance, especially since I no longer bank with that institution? As the floor clears, my mood rises, and the next step will be cleaning off the horizontal surfaces so that I actually have some work space and clear horizons.  I know this will help improve my attitude, and also make the papers I do keep easier to find if/when needed.

Sunflower on blue
So while the skies outside are grey (from rain clouds finally, instead of the smoke we've had for the last month), I choose to see the sky as blue.  The rain is much needed, and should help to dampen the fires that surround us, as well as washing the smoke from the sky.  For weeks we have not been able to see the mountains across the valley, but now the mountains are back, albeit a bit shrouded with the clouds.  I can deal with clouds.

I haven't written much, practically nothing, all summer long.  I'm down to one county left on my ongoing Glory of the West blog, and that has had me a bit depressed as well, for this is a project that I've dreamt of for thirty-five years.  What do I do when it's finished?  Well, I'm sure something new will come along to engage me.  And Lord knows there's plenty to keep me busy just in keeping up this house.

I wouldn't mind having some company though, if you feel like a trip to Montana's beautiful northwestern corner.  There's plenty of room for you, and it will give me an incentive to cook.
Y'all come!

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